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CK2 Launch

No 2 connections are the same.
No one connection is forever.
Experience the thrill of life.

ck2 a scent for #the2ofus

The Fragrance

Fresh. Warm. Electric.

ck2 embodies the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people. Two individuals defined by who they are, not what they are. One gender-free fragrance for a man or a woman, without prejudices, to unite and create an experience that can be shared together in love, lust and friendship. We come together void of stereotypes and free of conformity; a youthful connection between 2 people to celebrate the differences that make our connections richer and define what makes us, us. Life is better when we are 2.

ck2 is a dual-faceted scent that balances the urban with the natural and fresh. The fragrance opens with an unexpected spice of wasabi flavor deepened by an underlying note of magnetic, creamy warmth. The strikingly fresh top note, evocative of the electricity of contact, is complemented by solar heat and a feeling of warm stones on a hot day. The energy of floral accords pulses through the heart with rich sensuality, while wet cobblestones bring a mineral splash to generate electric freshness. The drydown of jasmine is enhanced by the scent of vetiver and blends with the creamy fieriness of sandalwood and sensual musks, blending together to envelop the electricity of magnetic warmth. Complex while cool and natural, 2 fragrance worlds merge together to create an exuberant, intimate and contrasted connection.

Urban woody fresh

Top: wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf absolute.
Mid: wet cobblestones, orris concrete, rose absolute.
Dry: vetiver, incense, sandalwood.


ck2 reinterprets minimalism and art by inviting you to look through the clear container and experience the scent before applying. A sleek rounded bulb of glass houses the juice and sits atop a solid cap that also serves as a unit to maintain the bottle upside down. Both the bottle and cap go beyond the classic fragrance bottle to create two pieces perfectly in-sync and connected to each other, much like the connection of two people. The bottle is a pure, transparent and futuristic design that is cool and gender-free.

The outer packaging’s minimalist design displays every facet of the bottle held inside, while the ‘what you see is what you get’ approach highlights the authenticity and craftsmanship of the bottle and cap. Giving a not so subtle nod to today’s ever growing high tech realm, the carton stays true to the principles of minimalism that are essential to the brand’s DNA.


The ck2 advertising campaign was shot by acclaimed photographer Ryan McGinley, whose unapologetic, controversial and real vision perfectly complements the spontaneity and thrill of ck2.

The advertising creative features four stories that fold into one another in unexpected ways, creating authentic echoes between glances and the kind of lust or attraction couples can provide. Against the backdrop of urban and natural settings, four couples play out the free spirited, raw and passionate narratives of today’s youth. The meaningful connections emphasize the thrill of life shared by two people and magnify the uniqueness of each relationship in our lives shared through a tapestry of experiences and emotion that ultimately define who we are.

The ck2 line will be available globally beginning February 2016.

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