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A fragrance that says what matters. Déclaration bursts forth with all the force and majesty of cedar wood, exploring all the aspects of this scent: fig, spiced, waxy wood with a fresh burst of cardamom.

Déclaration has invented the concept of fresh spice. Therein lies its bold originality, which imbues the fragrance with passion in a heartfelt expression of truth. The bottle is at one with the elegance of the scent within: Déclaration is captured in a towering glass sculpture inside whose transparent walls throbs a heart ready for the taking.

Déclaration d’Un Soir

“For this latest declaration I have selected ingredients that will set hearts racing and encourage men to make their own passionate declarations.” Mathilde Laurent

A perfume that adds spice to life. This new olfactory opus for men is intended for special occasions. This is an instinctual perfume that breaks all taboos, heralding passionate declarations and unforgettable moments. Oscillating between fervour and tenderness, fantasy and force, Déclaration d’Un Soir adds a new spice to perfumer y with the unprecedented use of pepper, accompanied by the effervescence of sandalwood and tempered by rose essence.

The structural intensity of this love potion is accentuated by the sleek glass bottle, a modern temple to daring. The defiant, masculine, electric bottle takes the form of a stylised heart, reflecting a scent that sets hearts racing.

Déclaration D’un Soir Intense

It comes out at night: a fragrance for men, the apex of elegance brimming with fatal tension. Therein lies its appeal.

This fragrance steps out after dark, impeccably dressed in a bespoke black tie design that Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent has tastefully punctuated with a pinch of mild chilli. A nocturnal twist on Déclaration d’Un Soir, shaken up with a potent dash of pepper, this fragrance is the secret weapon of the highly sophisticated gentleman. A dandy who makes a splash with every carefully chosen detail, who favours the unmistakeable homely scent of sandalwood paired with a virile punch of musk. A fragrance infused with heady charm and elegance which Cartier has captured in an iconic glass bottle decked out in full black tie and accentuated with a flash of red.

The bottle is encased in packaging proudly bearing the signature of Cartier Fragrances, a stylish red blazon.

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