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In the interests of compliance with the South African Promotion of Access to Information Act, African Sales Company offers you the opportunity to review the relevant PAIA manual prepared by the company; download and print the relevant documents to request your personal information, object to the processing of your personal information, and request correction or deletion of your personal information, and review the prescribed fees associated with requesting the information outlined in the manual. All forms to be completed and sent via postal service or emailed to African Sales Company should you wish to request this information. Request for access forms should emailed to [email protected]. Payment for these records should be made to African Sales Company before a request for access can be fulfilled.

This manual applies to:
African Sales Company (Pty) Limited – registration number 1937/009530/07
African Sales Retail (Pty) Limited – registration number 2017/128912/07
African Sales Company – SSA – registration number 2008/023321/07
Vendome (Pty) Limited – registration number 1944/017306/07
Vendome Retail (Pty) Limited – registration number 2017/377281/07
Velvet Luxe (Pty) Limited– registration number 2016/235709/07
Morgan Creek Properties 55 (Pty) Limited – registration number 1999/001557/07
(Hereinafter referred to as The African Sales Group)

Availability of the manual
This manual will be updated as required or when the relevant legislation changes.
The latest copy of this manual applies public facing websites of the company and its subsidiaries and affiliates,

Registered Office Address: 225 2nd Street, Corner 16th Road, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685

Download PAIA Manual
Download Request For Access To Personal Information Form
Download Objection To Processing Of Personal Information Form
Download Request For Correction Or Deletion Of Personal Information Form
Download Fees Structure To Request Personal Information

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