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Fresh, luminous and feminine.

The new Eau de Toilette is a delicate fragrance inspired by the morning dawn and dedicated to a sensual, exuberant woman whose femininity truly stands out.

A curious woman who is at the centre of her present, who lives outside of convention and preconceived ideas.

A woman who is confident and wears this fragrance like a dress that slides right down her body, bringing out her vitality and charm.


The glass bottle reflects the precious design of the original Eau de Parfum.

It is refreshed with a play of warm and sunny colours, in oranges and yellows, that blend seamlessly.

Unrestrained by geometric schemes, the colour melts harmoniously, complementing the unmistakable style of the Maison.

The golden band around the bottle represents the woven threads of Missoni fabric. The logo reappears on the elegant pink carton, introducing the new colour scheme.

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