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Roberto Cavalli Essenza

All eyes are riveted on her as she moves with the feral grace of an untamed tiger.
She exudes a secret radiance, a golden aura of charm and assurance.
Roberto Cavalli for Her is the essence of femininity, the essence of seduction, the essence of Cavalli.

In 2012, Roberto Cavalli introduced a sensual and addictive eau de parfum that perfectly reflected the designer’s vision of womanhood between confidence and sensuality, audacity and glamour. The instant success of this seminal fragrance inspired a whole line of perfumes that explored different facets of Roberto Cavalli’s universe.

The brand’s latest offering, Roberto Cavalli Essenza marks a return to the very essence of the signature line. A complete re-imagination of the original fragrance, it boldly emphasizes its most intense and luxurious dimension, squarely aiming for ultimate glamour and extreme sexiness.

The Roberto Cavalli Essenza woman never goes unnoticed. Strong-minded and daring, she embraces the power of her femininity. Fully in touch with her wilder inner-self, she combines authenticity with a sense of flair and style. Positive and confident, she knows that her strong personality is what sets her apart and makes her irresistible.

Like all the other fragrances of the signature line, Roberto Cavalli Essenza was designed by Louise Turner, one of the most talented master perfumers of her generation. Her intimate knowledge of Roberto Cavalli’s universe enabled her to distil a captivating oriental floral that strikes a perfect balance between wildness and sophistication.

Roberto Cavalli Essenza opens with a provocative note of bitter almond. Instantly recognizable, it captures the attention and exerts a long-lasting fascination on the senses. This dramatic prelude paves the way for the warm and seductive heart note of orange flower absolute. A trademark of the original signature perfume, the orange blossom is taken one step further into sheer voluptuousness and luxurious sensuality. The closing note of vanilla absolute adds a touch of mystery, leaving an intriguing trail that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Roberto Cavalli Essenza’s bottle has remained faithful to the aesthetics of its forerunners. Its gentle curves are reminiscent of the sensual shape of a feminine silhouette while the heavy glass reflects Roberto Cavalli’s uncompromising commitment to quality. The shaded tones of amber emphasize the golden depths of the juice and symbolize the warmth and opulence of the fragrance. The stopper is adorned with a majestic golden crown figuring the designer’s monogram. As for the iconic tiger-striped collar, it is a telling reminder of the wild and untamable nature of the Roberto Cavalli Essenza woman.

The folding box perfectly complements this audacious bottle. Its golden color and animal print boldly stand apart while the encircling red ribbon is a seal of excellence that underlines Roberto Cavalli Essenza’s unique power and intensity.

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